4th RGCS symposium Designing the Commons

The Social Responsibility of Researchers - How to do research differently in order to address societal issues?

Stéphane Grumbach @RGCS2020

Have many academic organizations become obsolete? The question might sound surprising, too radical in fact. But it might be preferable to consider such a question in vain, than not to consider it if it is relevant. It is noticeable that the knowledge accumulated on Earth’s ecosystem, while it demonstrates the risk of not acting, has globally little impact on most institutions, which are struggling with the impact of the digital revolution on the production and the transmission of knowledge. Moreover, most of the questions related to socio-ecological challenges, are considered risky for scientists, because of the lack of methodology to handle them and the uncertainty of the production of results. For its historical achievements, the academic world is convinced of its merit and the permanence of its institutions. But history provides counter-examples to such continuity.

RGCS 2020